​​​The official online multi-media portfolio of Thomas B. Carsecka                                       


KUNDALINI COLLECTIVE, Part of a collection of songs designed to help listeners elevate their state of being.  A perfect pairing for yoga and meditation practices. 

This collection includes recitations of sacred sanskrit text.

The following section is a collection of music  written, performed, recorded, and produced by Thomas B. Carsecka.   As a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Thomas delivers a complete pallet of sounds ranging from band-standard bass, drums, and guitar to spacey vocal effects and synths that are from another world. 

Video Productions

ANTHOLOGY, a collection of compositions written, recorded, performed, and produced by Thomas B. Carsecka.  The album material covers a span of nearly seven years presenting a true sense of stylistic evolution.  From mixed meters and complicated MIDI sequencing in "The Ritual", to the solo acoustic guitar in "Meditation in D", played alongside the ambience of a summer evening. There's something for every listener. 

DARK STAR UNITED, produced by Thomas B. Carsecka, is an E.P. featuring the richness and warmth of the cello, played by Briana Carraher, and the energetic drive of the acoustic guitar, played by her brother Thomas.  The two also collaborated vocally resulting in beautiful harmonies and counterpoints  that are spiritually resonant with one another.

Audio Productions

SOLSTICE, a full length album of original compositions by Thomas B. Carsecka featuring an orchestra of electronic instruments and digital synthesizers.  Designed to elevate the listener, Solstice is a tribute to the heavens that continue to inspire sonic exploration and creativity.