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A series of cymatic sound baths centered around the chakras and their resonant frequencies.  The goal is to incorporate live music and cymatic visuals with a group meditation and yoga workshop.  In this seven-day endeavor, one chakra will be examined and experienced in each session.  The music, visuals, and discourse will help participants form organic connections with sight, sound, nature, and the binding energy in all things. 

Watch "Discovering CYMATICS" and see how these stunning visuals are created. Go behind the scenes and take a look at the creative process behind the cymatic compositions.

"Using an iMac, Ableton Live, Akai MPK249 keyboard and APC control surface, a powered speaker, a bottle cap of liquid, and an iPhone 6 with EpocCam HD app I am able to conduct cymatic experiments and observe them in real-time."     -Thomas B. Carsecka

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This figure displays the necessary setup & equipment for capturing cymatic images. 

TEN STEPS - The composed music was extracted from Finale music notation software and converted into MIDI data.  The data was then orchestrated using electronic instruments to create a virtual performance of the composition.  This performance was recorded in multiple channels, mixed down in ProTools, and converted into an audio file that was distributed to the live performers along with the printed sheet music.  This process made it possible for players to rehearse parts independently, be prepared for full ensemble rehearsal, and hear the overall sound and direction of a new piece. 

Cymatic Revelations is a multi-media composition that aims to artistically reveal the power of vibration through the synchronous use of cymatic pattern imaging, real-time video projection, and live music.   When musical vibrations are channeled through a malleable medium such as a liquid, the vibrations cause the medium to arrange itself into visible geometries known as cymatic patterns.  Being that these patterns are created by the sounds themselves, the projected visual elements are used to visually connect the audience to what they hear.  While incorporating archetypal elements of light, reflection, and symmetry, Cymatic Revelations utilizes cutting-edge music technologies to expose this common thread of vibration in the world around us.  The piece combines the real-time generation of cymatic events, videos, and slideshows, with a live ensemble that features both electronic and acoustic instruments. 

Composing with Technology

Watch Ten Steps - a Music Technology Documentary, a quick look into the realm of compositing with technology. 

Purchase TBC's Cymatic photography onETSY.  Cymatic imagery can be commissioned in various sizes and colors via e-mail request.

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Thomas B. Carsecka is a composer, educator, philosopher, performer, and producer of sound and music. His infusion of cutting-edge technologies in his creative processes set him apart as an Audiological Alchemist. He views the tools of the digital age as a vehicle for delivering evolutionary energy and seeks to empower future generations of composers and creators through sharing his knowledge and love of the art form. 

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